MOC: Heroica – The Sands of Kemet

Heroica’s small scale and fantasy theme gave me the idea for several MOCs. The Sands of Kemet is an Egypt-themed expansion for the Lego game. A number of pieces are from 7326 Rise of the Sphinx and 3843 Ramses Pyramid.

Below the pictures and building notes are the rules for this expansion, in case you would like to make something similar.

A mummy in his sarcophagus.

The inside of a tomb that contains the Elixir of Life.

An obelisk rises from the desert sands.

It’s a trap!

Two seated statues of Anubis, god of the afterlife.

The ruined sphinx, where the Pharaoh awaits.

Another view of the Sphinx.

Creating the sphinx was the most fun part of this MOC. I used it as an excuse to give a nod to the old 5978 Sphinx Secret Surprise. After building my sphinx, I took a look at the old set. It is scary how similar the two sphinxes turned out. Part of the similarity is due to how few bricks were used, because I was trying to keep it very small. The other factor that makes them so alike is the colors. I would love to have used tan and dark tan bricks instead of the light bluish gray, but some of the pieces are not available in those colors. At least the gray does make it stand out from the rest of the MOC. Something I want to do is to swap out the blue in the Sphinx’s headdress with dark blue pieces, which will give it a more royal look (and tie it together with the mummy sarcophagi). Off to BrickLink I go!

As promised, here are the rules.

Denizens of the Sands (Monsters)
Scorpion. Strength: 1.
Mummy. Strength: 2. If you move through a space adjacent to a mummy resting in his sarcophagus, roll the dice. “Skull” or “Skull & Sword” means that the mummy awakes and you must fight the monster. Mummies in their sarcophagus cannot be killed at any other time.
Pharaoh. Strength: 3. The first time the Pharaoh is defeated he is not removed from play. Instead, remove his golden crown and continue the fight.

Elixir of Life. Restore 4 health.

When you move into a space adjacent to a trap roll the dice.
“Shield” = the trap is removed and you find one gold.
“Sword” = the trap is removed.
“Skull” = you lose one Health and move back one space.
“Sword & Skull” = lose one Health and remove the trap.


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